Printed in New Hampshire?


Blogger Will Fessenden at reported this over the weekend:

He called out the Maine Republican Party hired a New Hampshire firm to print mailers calling for a “No” vote on Question 1.

According to finance reports filed with Maine Ethics Commission, the Maine GOP wrote a check for $4,700 to Spectrum Marketing of Manchester, N.H.

Maine Republicans have been largely supportive of “No on 1,” which would keep in place a law passed in June that eliminated Election Day voter registration.

Fessenden said it was interesting that the Maine Republican Party — which often proclaims itself as a champion of small business — shunned Maine companies for this work.

It’s not clear whether the Maine GOP put printing services out to bid or reached out to any Maine companies to do the work.

As it turns out, out-of-state printing is not uncommon.

David Farmer, representing Protect Maine Votes, the leading political action committee for the Yes on 1 campaign, said his group has not done any direct mailings yet.

Protect Maine Votes did spend $3,200 in late August to print petitions. That work was done by Atkins Printing in Waterville. The coalition also has contracted for some door hangings that are place by volunteers. Those were ordered through an out-of-state firm, Farmer said.

So, does it matter where Maine’s campaign literature is printed?
Should preference be given to Maine companies?

Farmer said, from his perspective, it doesn’t matter.

“Sometimes, there is specialized work that needs to be done and there are a limited amount of people who can do that work,” he said.