Presidential poll reveals Mainers’ preferences; good news for Snowe, too

North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling (PPP) released the results of a recent poll that asked Mainers who they favor for the Republican presidential nomination.

Herman Cain led the pack with 29 percent support, although the poll was conducted before allegations of sexual harassment went public. Mitt Romney was next at 24 percent, followed by Newt Gingrich (18%), Michele Bachmann (5%), Ron Paul (5%), and Rick Perry (4%).

Among those polled who identified themselves as tea partiers, 38 percent preferred Cain, compared to 29 percent for Gingrich and 9 percent for Romney.

The PPP poll also took Mainers temperature on the U.S. Senate GOP primary race in Maine featuring Olympia Snowe and challengers Scott D’Amboise and Andrew Ian Dodge.

Mainers were evenly split on whether they supported Snowe or someone more conservative than Snowe.

However, when asked to support either the incumbent or one of the two challengers — both of whom have tea party support — 62 percent favored Snowe, compared to 10 percent for D’Amboise and 7 percent for Dodge.