New poll shows Question 1 with narrow edge, LePage’s favorability unchanged from this spring

The second half of a poll conducted recently by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling showed supporters of Question 1 holding a 48-44 advantage among likely Maine voters.

Question 1 asks: “Do you want to reject the section of Chapter 399 of the Public Laws of 2011 that requires new voters to register to vote at least two business days prior to an election?”

Not surprisingly, about two-thirds of Democrats polled favored keeping Election Day registration and about two-thirds of Republicans said they wanted to keep the new law in place.

A poll released last week by Portland-based Critical Insights showed the Yes on campaign holding a 51-43 edge.

Last week’s Critical Insights poll had Gov. Paul LePage getting a sizable bump in his approval rating, from 31 percent this spring to 47 percent now.

The PPP had different results on the governor’s popularity.

PPP found that LePage’s approval rating is 43 percent, virtually unchanged from a similar poll conducted in March. About 80 percent of Republicans approve of LePage’s job, while 76 percent of Democrats viewed him negatively. Independents were divided, but more viewed him negatively than positively.

Another element of the poll revealed that if the 2010 gubernatorial was held today, Eliot Cutler would be governor. The independent from Cape Elizabeth who narrowly lost to LePage was the top choice among those polled by PPP with 43 percent support, followed by LePage at 38 percent and Democrat Libby Mitchell at 16 percent.

Additionally, PPP asked Mainers about an issue that likely will be on the statewide ballot in 2012: Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry? 51 percent of those polled said yes while 42 percent said it should remain illegal.

Finally, the poll showed Mainers are more favorable to the Occupy Wall Street movement, 47-32, than they are to the tea party, 33-51.