More Question 1 endorsements coming in

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell has endorsed the Yes on 1 campaign to restore same-day voter registration in Maine.

“The path of history is clear. Our country has consistently marched forward, making our elections more accessible and open, and encouraging more people to participate,” Mitchell said in a statement. “At times, we have moved backward. But as a people, we know that our democracy is stronger when more people participate.”

With less than a week to go before the election, most endorsements for Question 1 have been logged. Every daily newspaper in Maine, including the Bangor Daily News, has endorsed the “Yes” campaign. Some weekly newspapers, including the Ellsworth American, have encouraged readers to vote “No.”

Question 1 asks: “Do you want to reject the section of Chapter 399 of the Public Laws of 2011 that requires new voters to register to vote at least two business days prior to an election?”