Blog post on Gov. LePage shows extremely bad taste

As an ardent supporter of the First Amendment, I generally think free speech should be just that. But the most recent report from the Maine blog Sardine Report crossed the line in a big way.

The post, dated Nov. 28 (you can find it here) is clearly fictitious but its words depict an image of Gov. Paul LePage ejaculating after watching video of Occupy protesters in California being pepper sprayed. That’s as much detail as I feel comfortable sharing, but if you want the full treatment, go to the blog.

Not only does the post use crude language that disrespects Maine’s governor, he uses the names of two real people, Associated Press reporter Glenn Adams and LePage’s press secretary, Adrienne Bennett, who had no business being dragged into it.

The Sardine Report has posted some funny satire over the last several months, but if the latest post is indicative of the future, its backers should pack it up.