Pine Tree Fund PAC set up to help keep Republican majority in House, Senate

Prior to the Maine Republican Party’s announcement Saturday that Mitt Romney narrowly won the state’s presidential preference poll, Sen. Susan Collins addressed the audience on why she believes it’s important to support whoever wins the GOP nomination.

“We must not be the first generation to pass along to the next generation an America that is less free, that is less prosperous, that provides less opportunity,” Collins said. “We Republicans have the vision, the ideas, the commitment and the candidates to ensure that that is not America’s fate.”

Collins talked about the strides Maine has taken in the last year since Republicans took control of the State House and Senate and sent Gov. Paul LePage to the Blaine House. Collins went on to say that it was important to keep that momentum going by ensuring that Republicans hold their majorities after the 2012 election.

To that end, Collins announced the creation of a new political action committee called the Pine Tree Fund, that will help elect or reelect Republican legislators in November. She also pledged a donation of $5,000 to get the fund started.

Senate Majority Leader Jonathan Courtney of Springvale and House Speaker Robert Nutting of Oakland are the primary fundraisers listed for the Pine Tree Fund PAC, according to its filing with the Maine Ethics Commission. The treasurer is Christie-Lee McNally, former executive director of the Maine Republican Party.