Gov. LePage shows sense of humor while swearing in new Democratic senator

AUGUSTA, Maine — Republican Gov. Paul LePage has displayed a pretty good sense of humor at times this year.

He showed it during the State of the State address last month when he turned at one point during his speech to ask House Minority Leader Emily Cain of Orono, “How’s my tone?”

The day before, Cain and other Democratic leaders had cautioned the governor to tone down his rhetoric. Cain told LePage, “You’re awesome,” and gave him two thumbs up in one of the few light-hearted moments of the 52-minute address.

The governor showed his sense of humor again on Wednesday during a ceremony to swear in Chris Johnson, a Democrat from Somerville who won a special election on Tuesday in Senate District 20.

In the final days leading up to the special election, the Maine Democratic Party sent out mailers on Johnson’s behalf with a picture of the governor and a message that someone needs to stand up to the “bully” in Augusta.

On Wednesday, as LePage was swearing in Johnson, he presented him with a framed copy of that mailer.