Updated: Scott Walker, Paul LePage and Angus King

Updated at 12 p.m.

What does Angus King have to do with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?

In Republican Senate candidate Rick Bennett’s opinion, there’s a connection.

Bennett’s campaign sent out a statement this morning celebrating the Wisconsin governor’s victory Tuesday in his recall election against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. He used the statement as an opportunity to associate Walker with Maine Gov. Paul LePage and to take a swipe at King, the former governor and independent candidate for the Senate seat Bennett wants.

Bennett’s statement:

“Governor Scott Walker, Governor Paul LePage and other Governors from around the nation have been working to repair broken governments built on out-of-control spending put in place by liberal politicians like Angus King. Governor Walker’s victory sends a message that citizens want responsible government spending not bloated bureaucracies.”

LePage is also excited about Walker’s victory. Asked what he thought about it at a State House announcement this morning, he exclaimed “Yah Man,” called the recall attempt a “cheap prank” and took a dig at public-sector unions.

“To me, it’s a clear signal that the collective bargaining unions in Wisconsin over-played their cards. Government unions are hurting the citizens of all states.”

The comments on public-sector unions come about a week after the governor criticized the Maine Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union, for endorsing a campaign to legalize same-sex marriage by referendum this fall.