New Senate poll on its way?

The North Carolina firm Public Policy Polling could be out soon with a fresh poll sizing up Maine’s political landscape this campaign season. On its website, the polling firm says it plans to survey Maine voters during the early part of this week and was accepting suggestions for questions.

The firm said that readers of its website chose Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia and Wisconsin as the next states to poll.

We can be sure to find out about the Senate race, how the presidential candidates are faring in Maine, the latest thinking on the same-sex marriage ballot initiative and more.

If the suggestions for questions to ask are any indication, we could also get a breakdown of presidential preference by Congressional District, given that Maine is one of two states that could split its electoral vote, and what party voters think Angus King would caucus with if elected to the Senate.

This poll could offer a first independent look at how effective an influx of outside advertising has been in swaying Maine voters in the Senate race.