Republican National Committee chair to visit Maine

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Preibus will visit Maine on Friday for a quick visit to a state where Republicans hope to capture a single electoral vote in the state’s 2nd Congressional District and have been investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the state’s Senate race.

Preibus will visit the Maine GOP’s Westbrook Victory Center in the afternoon to speak with volunteers and others, said Maine GOP spokesman David Sorensen.

The Westbrook Victory Center this election season has been especially focused on making calls to voters in the second district, where Republicans hope Mitt Romney picks up an electoral vote.

Maine is one of two states that can split their electoral votes based on the final tally, and Obama’s edge over Romney is smaller there than in the state’s southern first district. A Maine People’s Resource Center poll released last week showed Obama leading Romney 48-41 in the second district compared to 54-37 statewide.

“They want to aggressively pursue every electoral vote,” Sorensen said of national Republicans. “The Westbrook Victory Center makes calls into the second district, and [Preibus] wants to visit and see how it’s going, show his support and signal that the RNC’s serious about Maine.”