New GOP ad hits King on negative ad pledge

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is out with a new ad this week that accuses independent Senate candidate Angus King of always doing “what’s in the interest of Angus King.”

The 30-second spot first accuses King of breaking his pledge not to run negative campaign ads with a recent TV spot in which King targets Republican opponent Charlie Summers for signing the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge and for doubting climate change science.

The Republican spot then hits King for signing the Renewable Portfolio Standard into law as governor and benefiting from the law after leaving office and entering the wind energy business. The Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that about a third of Maine’s electricity come from renewable sources. Gov. Paul LePage lodged a similar criticism against King on Saturday in his weekly radio address.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is one of three organizations that have spent more than $2.1 million so far this election season on ads attacking King.

But groups launching ads helping King are starting to make up the deficit. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has recorded nearly $400,000 in spending so far on ads attacking Summers, according to expenditure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. And Americans Elect on Friday launched an ad campaign supporting King.

While the group has spent $713,000 so far, it has more than $1 million more to spend on pro-King ads thanks to donations from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Americans Elect founder and financier Peter Ackerman and Passport Capital founder John Burbank.