Where’s Drew? Summers spokesman steps back

Drew Brandewie, the normally prolific communications director for Charlie Summers’ U.S. Senate campaign, appears to have stepped back a bit from his campaign duties.

It’s been a week since reporters received their last email blast from Brandewie, who would typically pepper reporters with a dozen or more emails during the course of a single, hour-long debate.

Brandewie was on leave from his job as U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s press secretary to run the communications side of Summers’ campaign. Cornyn, a Texas Republican, is also chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which spent $1.34 million in September and October on ads opposing independent candidate Angus King, but has since stopped its Maine Senate advertising.

A call to Brandewie on Wednesday was returned by Summers campaign manager Lance Dutson, and Dutson has been sending out Summers’ press releases of late and speaking for the campaign. Dutson said Brandewie was still helping out, but that, ultimately, the Summers campaign was sharing Brandewie’s services with Cornyn.

Brandewie’s Twitter profile also changed recently. The profile now sports a picture of a Romney/Ryan sign instead of the Summers for Senate logo. He’s also removed Summers for Senate from his Twitter biography. It now reads “Where The Fight Is.” And Brandewie hasn’t been tweeting about the Maine Senate race.