Reports: King expected to pick a party Wednesday

After a months-long campaign during which he refused to say whether he’d caucus with Senate Democrats or Republicans — or caucus with any party at all — the word is out that Maine’s senator-elect, Angus King, plans to pick a party Wednesday in advance of Senate leadership elections.

The Washington Post reported that the fact that leadership elections are set for Wednesday has sped up King’s decision.

Politico reported earlier on Tuesday that King was using his caucus decision as leverage with Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., positioning himself for a seat on the Senate Finance Committee, a rare committee assignment for a freshman senator.

King would be the 55th member of the Democratic caucus after Democrats expanded their majority following last Tuesday’s elections.

He said last week at a press conference in Freeport after winning a six-way contest with a majority of the vote that it was evident he’d have to caucus with one party or the other.

“Once that decision is made, it doesn’t mean I’ll be locked into one side and the opponent of the other side,” he said. “I want to continue to build bridges.”