From LePage tracker to Democratic fundraiser

He’s made waves this week in the news and in the hall of the State House, and now he’s trying to translate his new-found popularity into funds for his employer.

He’s Brian Jordan, the tracker hired by the Maine Democratic Party to film Republican Gov. Paul LePage at public events.

LePage cited the tracker as the reason to call off an introductory meeting with the Democratic leaders of Maine’s newly sworn-in Legislature. The governor challenged the Democratic leadership — House Speaker Mark Eves and Senate President Justin Alfond — to call on their party to stop filming him in public, and said he wouldn’t meet with them until they did.

Then, LePage brought up Jordan on Wednesday as he swore in 186 members of the new Legislature. He called Jordan’s tactics “vulgar,” “vicious,” and “vile” and said they represented a lack of respect for the office of the governor. Nonetheless, LePage pledged Wednesday to work with “each and every” member of the new Legislature.

Today, the Maine Democratic Party sent out a fundraising email from Jordan, 23, that defends his work and says LePage shouldn’t have to worry about being caught on camera if he’s honest.

Below is the text of Jordan’s fundraising email:

You’ve probably never met me but if you’ve read the papers this week, you may know who I am. I’m the 23-year-old guy who Governor Paul LePage wants fired. I’m his “tracker”.

My job is to go to public events with Governor Paul LePage, record them, turn off my camera and leave. I am always honest about who I am and I always ask for permission before I hit record.

That’s it.

If you think its important that Mainers know what Governor LePage is saying, click here.

Despite what’s been said, I don’t record private conversations. I don’t sit outside his home waiting to videotape him or his wife going to the grocery store. I’m not lurking in the bushes or planting hidden video cameras.

I just record his public appearances.

Why the Democratic Party wants me to do that should be pretty self-evident by now.

After all, anyone who is governor or aspires to a position as powerful as the governor of Maine should be held accountable for their words and actions.

If you want to continue to hold Governor LePage accountable, click here.

If the governor has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear from me.

I follow strict rules of conduct at every event I attend.

To be honest, sometimes the job can be uncomfortable. It’s not fun being kicked out of events (I’ve been asked to leave 11 so far) or publicly called out by the governor of Maine, but I handle every situation with grace and professionalism. I would be fired in an instant if I did not.

And, the bottom line is, I like my job, and I’m good at it.

So, if you want me to stick around so you can see what the governor is doing please consider donating to the Maine Democratic Party today. 

Thank you,

Brian Jordan
Maine Democratic Party Political “Tracker”