Chris Christie on LePage: ‘He’s crazy. I love Paul.’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joked that his Republican colleague in Maine was “crazy” on Wednesday during a town hall event in Montville, N.J., in response to an eight-year-old girl who said she came bearing gifts from LePage following a visit she made to Maine last July.

“He gave you gifts to give to me?” Christie asked. “He’s crazy. I love Paul. He’s great.”

The girl went on to ask Christie about his favorite part of being governor. The “fun answer,” he said, was traveling to New York City sans traffic. “When you’re governor, they close the Lincoln Tunnel for you,” Christie said. “I love going to New York now. I used to hate it.”

LePage sent a photo and a coin as gifts to his Garden State counterpart. The coin is a “challenge coin” he often gives to children, a LePage spokeswoman said.

Correction: This post has been updated to correct the nature of the coin LePage gave as a gift.