Read the bill that ended the shutdown and reopened the government

The U.S. government is open again. Reuters photo by Jonathan Ernst.

For all your politics nerds, here’s a PDF of the 35-page bill that ended the partial government shutdown and raised the debt limit.

For our interests in Maine, we should be most interested in Section 116, which outlines a deal to provide back pay to furloughed state employees and others whose jobs are paid with federal dollars.

It also provides payment — with interest — to states (or other “federal grantees”) for any expenses incurred during the shutdown that would normally have been paid with federal money.

But most interesting to me is section 116(c), which seems to lay out a promised by the federal government to provide the same back-pay if a shutdown happens again this fiscal year, which is important, considering the fact that this agreement essentially kicked the can into January, when — barring another deal — funding will run out again.

It states:

The authority under this section applies with respect to any period in fiscal year 2014 not limited to periods beginning or ending after the date of the enactment of this joint resolution) during which there occurs a lapse in appropriations with respect to any department or agency of the Federal Government which, but for such lapse in appropriations, would have paid, or made reimbursement relating to, any of the expenses referred to in this section with respect to the program involved. Payments and reimbursements under this authority shall be made only to the extent and in amounts provided in advance in appropriations Acts.

Mario Moretto

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