Justin Alfond expands his support to both Democrats in state Senate primary election

Senate President Justin Alfond. BDN photo by Troy Bennett.

Senate President Justin Alfond. BDN photo by Troy Bennett.

Senate President Justin Alfond, D-Portland, who earlier this week voiced support for Democrat Steve Woods in the race for the Senate District 25 seat being vacated by independent Sen. Richard Woodbury, said Thursday following the entrance into the race of another Democrat that he is neutral.

Former U.S. Senate and gubernatorial candidate Steve Woods of Yarmouth announced his candidacy for the state Senate seat earlier this week, and quoted Alfond in a press release.

“Steve is a successful businessman who has created jobs in Cumberland County,” said Alfond, according to Woods. “His experience and skill would be a welcome addition to the Maine Senate.”

Then on Thursday morning, Democrat Cathy Breen of Falmouth, who has chaired the Falmouth Town Council, announced that she is also interested in the seat that covers Gray, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Cumberland, part of Westbrook, Chebeaugue Island and Long Island. Breen also quoted Alfond.

“Cathy is a passionate public servant who has experience advocating successfully for her community,” said Alfond. “Her voice and her values would make her a welcome addition to the Maine Senate.”

A couple hours after Breen’s press release, Alfond produced one of his own in which he said he’ll remain “neutral in the primary.”

“I welcome the announced candidacies of both Steve Woods and Cathy Breen for Senate District 25,” said Alfond in the release. “Both candidates are well-qualified and would serve the district and our state well. This seat is generating great interest from Democrats because they know how important it is to send a Democrat to Augusta.”

Neither Breen nor Woods has filed the necessary petition and paperwork to become a candidate.

Woods, who was visiting the State House on Thursday, said he doesn’t begrudge Alfond for supporting both he and Breen.

“I support an open primary,” said Woods. “My position is that I would like to see the best possible candidate representing Senate District 25.”

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