Eliot Cutler pledges to personally match donations to his campaign; Poliquin invokes Justin Bieber

Eliot Cutler. BDN photo by Gabor Degre

Eliot Cutler. BDN photo by Gabor Degre

Independent candidate for governor Eliot Cutler announced Tuesday that between now and and the state’s next financial reporting deadline for political candidates on July 15, he’ll personally match all donations to his campaign.

In a fund raising email to supporters headlined “All In,” Cutler called this a “pivotal moment.

“When I decided to run for governor, I knew it would mean investing my own money in this campaign and in Maine’s future,” said Cutler in the email. “I’m confident that Maine’s voters will make the right choice, but they deserve a real campaign with the opportunity to hear from the candidates.”

Cutler has already given his 2014 bid for the Blaine House more than $500,000 in cash contributions and dozens of smaller direct expenditures for meals, travel and other supplies. Including his loans to his campaign, Cutler has raised some $1.4 million and spent nearly all of it. During the 2010 gubernatorial election, which ended in Cutler’s narrow loss to Republican Paul LePage, Cutler spent about $1.7 million of his own money.

Cutler, who is polling far behind LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud but counting on support swinging his way in the coming months as voters tune into the election, said he’s amassing donations with the intent of launching a vigorous television campaign.

“We’re in a strong position to earn voters’ support, but we can’t do it without your help to get our TV ads on the air and our message out to more voters,” wrote Cutler in the emailed solicitation.

Poliquin invokes “the Bieb”

Justin Bieber. Reuters photo.

Justin Bieber. Reuters photo.

Bruce Poliquin, the Republican nominee for Maine’s 2nd Congressional Seat, has spent a lot of time distinguishing himself as a fierce fiscal conservative with a history of creating jobs in the private sector. That theme continued Tuesday with his attack on his Democratic opponent, state Sen. Emily Cain, after Cain was endorsed by the Maine AFL-CIO. Among other things, Poliquin claimed on his Facebook page that Cain-supported policies have hurt job growth, not helped.

Neither the union’s endorsement of Cain nor Poliquin’s response (even his campaign called the endorsement “the most un-shocking news possible”) are surprising, but I admit Poliquin’s reference to innocent-child-pop-music-star-turned-abhorrent-moral-catastrophe Justin Bieber was amusing:

“Looking at her actual record makes it clear, Senator Cain is no more a job creator than Justin Bieber is the best role model for our kids.”

You read it here first: There goes Poliquin’s support among middle school students.


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