Court ruling means formerly maxed-out donors could add $526,500 to Cutler’s coffers

A court ruling issued Friday will allow Independent Eliot Cutler’s campaign to double up on contributions from individual supporters.

That’s a proposition worth at least $526,500 to his campaign, based on the about 351 contributors who had maxed out their support for the candidate, at a previous $1,500 limit, by a July 15 filing deadline.

The gist of the decision: Maine District Court Judge D. Brock Hornby ruled that allowing Democrat Mike Michaud and Republican Paul LePage to raise money for both a primary and general election put Cutler at a disadvantage, since neither party candidate had to fend off primary challengers.

(For more background on the decision, read Mario Moretto’s story.)

In a quick look at what that means for the Cutler campaign, here’s a view breaking out segments of each campaign’s fundraising from individual donors, up to July 15.

There’s a few things going on this view, so let me explain first.

The orange bars represent contributors who have given over $1,500 to a campaign. Cutler, being so far limited by that amount, has no contributions in that range.

The thin blue bar represents the amount of contributions from individuals giving exactly $1,500. For Cutler, that’s where the new potential lies after the Tuesday decision (and there may be more potential there from donors through August).

The wider blue bar represents donors that have given less than $1,500, rounding out the rest of the individual contributions taken in by each campaign.

Find a look at each campaign’s total fundraising through the July 15 deadline here.

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