Maine Republican Party launches anti-Michaud website; Democrats say they’ll reciprocate

From the website

From the website

The Maine Republican Party continued its all-out assault on Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mike Michaud on Wednesday with the launch of a website called

The site, which the GOP said was launched Wednesday but which contains posts dating back to last month, is a clearinghouse for many of the attack narratives that Republicans have waged against Michaud during the campaign, many of which are centered around the notion that Michaud lacks leadership ability or fresh ideas. That’s obviously contested by the Michaud campaign, which has been rolling out policy initiatives and framing the congressman as a consensus-builder for months.

It appears that the GOP has beaten Democrats to the punch in this instance. Democratic Party Chairman Ben Grant said his organization is working on a similar effort to attack Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s “own misleading claims” and to highlight what Grant says is a failed policy agenda.

“We’ve been consistently fact-checking the GOP’s false attacks against Mike Michaud and will highlight those efforts for voters soon,” said Grant in a written statement to the BDN. “Mainers should be aware that LePage’s misleading attacks have carried into election season and no last-ditch effort from his allies will deflect from his failed record on the issues.”

A press release from the Republican party boasted Wednesday that “delivers research in an entertaining way.” It does employ some catchy, Buzzfeed-like features such as a biting top-10 list of Michaud’s advice for politicians, “Mike Michaud by the numbers” and a quiz that asks participants to choose whether a series of quotes came from Michaud or the fictional Mayor Quimby on the show The Simpsons.

“Maine voters deserve to know what Congressman Michaud has been up to throughout his 34-year political career and what this site reveals is a combination of unoriginal ideology and a disappointing inability effect change,” said Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage in a written statement. The GOP, which earlier this year launched another website to attack Democratic lawmakers, said it will promote the anti-Michaud site with online advertisements.

Michaud campaign spokeswoman Lizzy Reinholt said the GOP is trying to mislead voters and announced the website in an effort to divert attention from a BDN investigation published Wednesday about a change in vacation policy that benefits political appointees in the LePage administration.

“It comes as no surprise that they launched this website the same day they are trying to distract from a major scandal with Gov. LePage’s administration regarding lavish vacation time he’s handing out to his political appointees while working Mainers are still struggling to get by,” said Reinholt in a written statement. “Mainers deserve answers from Gov. LePage and the Maine GOP about their taxpayer funded giveaways to appointees, instead all they get is more misleading attacks.”


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