A coalition of Republicans announces support for Emily Cain

Obama100314 002.JPGEmily Cain’s campaign announced on Thursday that a group of Maine Republicans have come out in support of the Democratic state senator who is running to represent  Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. For the most part, there are no huge surprises on the list, with a number of supporters coming from Cain’s hometown, Orono, and others who have supported Democrats in the past.

They are:

Sen. Patrick Flood of Winthrop. Flood is not seeking reelection, therefore he does not run the risk of losing some points for his support of a Democrat for Congress. In the statement sent out by Cain’s campaign on Thursday, Flood said, “I worked with Emily at the State House for ten years; six of them while serving together with her on the Appropriations Committee. She is a talented, innovative, and energetic leader with the unique ability to cut through complex issues to find real solutions.”

– Retired Maj. Gen. John “Bill” Libby of Sidney. Libby was the commissioner of the state Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management and head off the Maine National Guard. He retired in 2012, according to our past stories. He said, “I had the opportunity to observe Emily’s work in the Legislature during my tenure as the Commissioner of the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management and while we do not always share the same opinion on issues, I am supporting her because she, in the words of John F. Kennedy, ‘doesn’t seek the Democratic answer or the Republican answer but the right answer.’”

Sherry Huber of Falmouth. Huber is a former state legislator who currently works as executive director of the Maine TREE Foundation. Her late husband, David Huber, was vice president of the J.M. Huber Corp., a global consumer and industrial products company. In 2008, Huber wrote an op-ed in the Bangor Daily News, endorsing Barack Obama. 

With these endorsements, along with the endorsement from independent Sen. Angus King, Cain is seeking to bolster her position as the candidate who will work across the aisle to get work done. She continues to try to present Bruce Poliquin, her Republican opponent, as an extreme ideologue.

The other Republicans who endorsed Cain are:

Howard Trotzky of Bangor

Norman Minsky of Bangor

John Bradford of Orland

Ted and Rose Marie Curtis of Orono

Mark Pellon of Bangor

Miles Theeman of Bangor

Arthur and Betty Comstock of Orono

Allen Bancroft of South Paris

Phyllis Hunter of Caribou

Susan Willey McKay of Bangor

Nell Gluckman

About Nell Gluckman

Nell is the education reporter for the Bangor Daily News, but she will be helping out the political team by covering the 2nd Congressional District election this year. Before joining the Bangor Daily News in 2013, Nell worked for the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. She is a graduate of George Washington and Columbia Universities. Originally from New York City, Nell now lives in Bangor.