How each campaign spent in their final days

Campaigns for Republican Gov. Paul LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud spent up until the day before the election to try and win over voters.

The expenditures in those final days give some insight into how the campaigns hoped they would push their respective candidates over the top.

Michaud’s campaign spent heavily on television ads, with most spending right after an Oct. 21 campaign finance deadline, as you can see in the second panel of the view above.

Michaud’s campaign filed expenditures on seven of those days, LePage on four and Cutler on six of those last days.

Television ad costs made up the bulk of the spending reported by Michaud and Cutler campaigns in those final days, while the LePage campaign spent on campaign consultants, mail and radio ads.

That doesn’t mean television ads weren’t screening through those final days of the election, as those buys could have been reported earlier.

Darren Fishell

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