Supreme Court to hear arguments in disputed vetoes case this morning

Good morning from Portland (not Augusta! Can you believe it?). 

Daily Brief is back on its early schedule for one day only, as oral arguments in the case of the disputed vetoes will take place before the Supreme Judicial Court at 9 a.m. 

Lawyers for Gov. Paul LePage, the presiding officers of the Legislature, Attorney General Janet Mills and a trio of top House Republicans will all get their chance to weigh in before the justices about whether the governor missed his chance to veto 65 bills he aimed to kill. 

Will the governor have to enforce dozens of bills he opposes, having botched his attempt to veto by missing the 10-day deadline? Or did lawmakers blunder their way through session extensions and adjournments, guaranteeing LePage’s vetoes will await them when they return in January? 

Only the court can decide. Oral arguments begin at 9 a.m. and are scheduled to last roughly one hour. A decisions is likely to come in the next couple weeks, although the justices are on no deadline but whatever they may self-impose.

This is likely to be the biggest political story of the day. So those of you who are interested in listening in at home can do so here. — Mario Moretto, BDN.

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