Recount in contested House election kicks off this morning

Good morning folks. It’s Friday but it feels like Tuesday, thanks to the holiday on Wednesday. Tuesday doesn’t feel so good but the instantaneous realization that we’re on the cusp of two “stay-home days,” as my 5-year-old calls them, is like an unexpected gift from an old friend.

It’s also a trap for journalists, many of whom are notorious for being able to describe the intricacies of complex news events but don’t know what day it is. Today’s beautiful, haunting soundtrack is here to help.

It looks to be a quiet Friday in Augusta, other than the matter of verifying the winner of a House of Representatives seat in the Sanford-area District 19. The results of the special election on Nov. 3 (look at that, I got the day right!) were close. Republican Matthew Harrington appears to have taken the victory by 14 votes out of more than 1,500 votes cast (I can do math too!) (as far as you know).

Democrat Jean Noon, who sought to replace her late husband, Bill Noon, who died in July, requested the recount. That’s common when the results are so close, though seeing recounts overturn election results is relatively rare in Maine.

Stay tuned to the Bangor Daily News and my colleague Michael Shepherd for the recount results. And then have some good stay-home days if you have the weekend off like I do. — Christopher Cousins 

LePage to keynote SEALSfit youth leadership graduation

Gov. Paul LePage is also due for some stay-home days. In recent days he has been in China, a public forum in Newport, a human trafficking summit in Northport and an energy conference in Boston. This afternoon, he’ll speak at the graduation ceremonies for the SEALSfit youth leadership and anti-bullying program.

The seven-week program, a collaboration between the Portland Police Department and the Maine Leadership Institute, is led by retired Navy SEAL Hans Ruediger along with local, state and county law enforcement officials.

The program, available to teenagers, involves intense physical fitness and interpersonal skills training.

The ceremony kicks off at 4 p.m. at the Portland Police Station. — Christopher Cousins

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Apologies to my pal Troy

A few days ago here in the Daily Brief, I gave you an old song about a deadly Maine road for the soundtrack. While the Dick Curless version is pretty good, BDN photographer and accomplished musician Troy R. Bennett improved on the song considerably with his Portland-based Half Moon Jug Band. (Troy, I’m sorry! I didn’t know your version was on YouTube.)

On Thursday, Troy was giving me some grief about that when he mentioned he’s somewhat in mourning over the death of “Philthy Animal” Phil Taylor, drummer of the hugely influential band Motorhead, on Thursday.

“OK, Troy,” I said. “Send me your favorite Motorhead song and I’ll put it in tomorrow’s Daily Brief.”

Here’s what Troy chose. It pretty much rocks.

Let me take this opportunity to point out that Troy and the Half Moon Jug Band boys have released their fourth album, “Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus.” (It’s more toward Dick Curless than Motorhead. Check out their appearance last week on WCSH’s 207 by clicking here). Tomorrow, the band is celebrating the album with a CD release party at the Mayo Street Arts in Portland.

Buy your tickets here and I’ll see you there.

Troy, are we good now? — Christopher Cousins


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