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The long march to block LePage’s new welfare reforms starts today

Room 228 at the State House will be the center of activity today as the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee begins hours and days and weeks of deliberations over Gov. Paul LePage administration’s latest proposals for the Department of Health and Human Services. The committee will gather to hear testimony beginning at 10 a.m. The […]

Maine can’t decide what it wants to call this confusing holiday

Good morning from Augusta. State offices are closed today for President’s Day. Or is it George Washington’s birthday? Maine is one of three states where it’s both of those things. We’ll explain. We’re really celebrating Washington’s Birthday, the federal holiday commemorating the first president’s Feb. 22 birthday that was one of three that was moved to Mondays in 1971 to […]

LePage to Trump: Put somebody in charge

Good morning from Augusta, where Gov. Paul LePage said on Thursday that President Donald Trump may have too many high-level aides vying for control in an embattled White House. The Republican president is dealing with a few different crises less than a month into his tenure, with the biggest involving the resignation of National Security […]

Solar power critic says he does not want to be LePage’s new utilities regulator

Good morning from Augusta, which will soon be the scene of palace intrigue around what Gov. Paul LePage says will be a new nominee to the Maine Public Utilities Commission. However, you can rule out one person: Jim LaBrecque, a self-taught electrical engineer, heat pump evangelist and alternative energy critic from Bangor who LePage floated […]

How Troy Jackson’s son thinks progressives can try to draft his father for governor

Good morning from a cold, post-blizzard Augusta, where Maine Democrats are on the hunt for someone to lead them out of the political wilderness after the 2016 cycle that brought you President Donald Trump, aided by a win in the 2nd Congressional District. It’s leading to calls among Democrats to draft Maine Senate Minority Leader […]

LePage: Maine AG ‘speaks for herself’ on Trump’s immigration order

Gov. Paul LePage stood by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, tweeting that Maine Attorney General Janet Mills “speaks for herself” in opposing Trump’s embattled executive order pausing immigration from seven Muslim countries. It’s the Republican governor’s first public statement in support of the ban, but his stance is no surprise: He endorsed Trump ahead of most other party notables in last year’s […]

LePage to highlight plight of older Mainers in State of the State address

Good morning from Augusta. The New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions after the greatest football game I’ve ever seen. Here’s a story on the quandary faced by one of our colleagues when deciding whether or not to watch the game while deployed in Afghanistan. We’ll have more later from the Daily Brief’s Chris Cousins, who was lucky enough […]

Meet Maine’s first 2018 gubernatorial candidate, but don’t expect him to win

Good morning from Augusta, where we think the first 2018 gubernatorial candidate deserves his own headline, even if said candidate is more likely to be the answer to a trivia question than the next governor. It was Republican Deril Stubenrod of Clinton, who is the first one in after filing with the Maine Ethics Commission on Wednesday. But […]

LePage takes aim at asylum seekers, says he might sue federal government

Gov. Paul LePage said his administration is considering suing the federal government to cover the state’s costs for caring for immigrants while their applications for asylum are being processed. LePage said on his weekly radio appearance on WVOM that most of the asylum seekers in Maine don’t come directly from foreign countries but rather from […]