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New poll that over-samples Democrats shows Michaud with lead in governor’s race

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud continues to poll ahead of Gov. Paul LePage and independent Eliot Cutler in another poll that’s interesting, but probably means little about the outcome of the race. In addition to showing U.S. Rep. Michaud with a 7-point lead over 2nd-place LePage, the Public Policy Polling results show 57 percent support for […]

LePage’s opposition to heroin overdose prevention drug featured on NBC Nightly News

Gov. Paul LePage’s opposition to legalizing a medication designed to stop drug overdose deaths gained widespread attention again Thursday night when NBC Nightly News featured LePage in its evening newscast about approval of the drug by the Food and Drug Administration. LePage has been firmly on the record in his opposition to the use of naloxone hydrochloride, […]

Is the third time a charm for LePage’s right-to-work proposal?

Gov. Paul LePage’s proposal to create “Open for Business Zones” in Maine as a way to attract private investments and jobs encountered early opposition Monday when his bill, LD 1835, was presented to the Legislature. Though there was support for the concept of creating incentives for businesses that locate at two former military bases — […]

Michaud-funded poll shows Michaud maintaining his lead in the race for governor

A new poll released Tuesday by Mike Michaud’s campaign for governor shows the Democrat with a 4-point lead over incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage, with independent Eliot Cutler in a distant third place. The poll, conducted March 3-6 by Normington, Petts & Associates, a firm with a long history of polling for Democrats, surveyed 800 […]

LePage unveils promised initiatives on drug prevention, education accountability and $100 million in budget cuts

The details of three what are sure to be controversial initiatives proposed by Gov. Paul LePage during his State of the State address last month became public Tuesday when they were presented to the Legislature for formal consideration. Upgrades to the enforcement side of Maine’s war on drugs, a bill to require that high schools […]

How does your school district fare under new state funding estimates? Probably not well

New estimates of how much school districts can expect to receive in state funding next year were released Monday by the Department of Education, which has posted the district-by-district figures on its website. In some ways the numbers are significant because many Maine towns and cities are in the midst of developing their budgets for […]