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Eves’ lawyer renews LePage ‘blackmail’ charge in appeals court

Good morning from Augusta, where just for a minute, we’re going to talk about something other than the election. Well actually, this is sort of about the election, too. The court battle between Republican Gov. Paul LePage and Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves advanced Wednesday with oral arguments in the U.S. Court of Appeals in […]

In Sanders, Clinton finds a surrogate more popular than she is in Maine

Good morning from Augusta. But political eyes aren’t on the state capital this week, they’re 60 miles northeast in Bangor, where Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will stump for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday. Clinton’s former primary rival has become one of her biggest-name surrogates on the campaign trail against Republican Donald Trump, assuaging his progressive followers […]

Most Mainers may support ranked-choice voting. But do they understand it?

Good morning from Augusta, where some new polling on ranked-choice voting — apparently one of this year’s more under-the-radar election issues in Maine — caught our eye this morning. The Portland Press Herald continued releasing results from its mid-September poll of more than 500 Maine voters, finding that 48 percent of respondents supported Question 5 on the November […]

George Mitchell: Trump will take the US backwards

Good morning from Augusta. Yesterday’s political story of the day was in Lewiston, where former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell was stumping with Democratic 2nd Congressional District candidate Emily Cain. That wasn’t a surprise: Mitchell, a Waterville native who rose to be Senate majority leader and czar for peace in the Middle East and Northern Ireland is […]

LePage named fifth-most disliked governor in national poll

Good morning from Augusta, where the country’s fifth-most disliked governor resides, according to the latest poll from Morning Consult. Gov. Paul LePage registered at 58 percent disapproval among Mainers in the latest survey conducted between May and September, which barely moved from the group’s past two surveys released in May 2016 and November 2015. Only four governors — […]

Is Maine’s 2nd District already in Donald Trump’s column?

Good morning from Augusta, where we’re seeing a normally Democratic Maine take perhaps its most prominent role in a presidential race in two decades because of its more conservative 2nd Congressional District. On Monday, Sabato’s Crystal Ball switched the 2nd District from “Leans Democratic” to “Leans Republican,” amid national polls that are tightening in Republican Donald Trump’s favor. Maine has supported Democrats […]

New Maine poll offers good news for Trump, Poliquin

Good morning from Augusta, where a new Colby College/Boston Globe poll has again raised the prospect of Donald Trump winning in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and taking one of our coveted electoral votes. Maine, one of two states that splits electoral votes by congressional district — giving one each to district-level winners and two to […]