LePage says he didn’t sign emergency budget bill because of provision he proposed

Gov. Paul LePage’s office said today that the reason he didn’t sign an emergency supplemental budget bill he proposed is because it includes money for Efficiency Maine, which uses taxpayer funds to administer energy efficiency programs in Maine. LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett told the Associated Press that LePage is concerned about Maine’s high energy costs, which […]

Data undercut LePage claim that many dump private insurance for Medicaid

Good morning from Augusta, where we’re still unpacking Gov. Paul LePage’s wide-ranging radio interview yesterday, which included a tenuous claim on health care that we’ve never heard before. When he was talking about his meeting last week with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on health care reform, he called for “a law […]

LePage blames Democrats for refusing to let him handle Maine’s opiate crisis

Gov. Paul LePage tore into Democrats on Tuesday for years of blocking his administration’s efforts to expand treatment options for opioid addicts, accusing them of warming to his proposals only when an election was approaching. The comments came during a wide-ranging and eventful radio interview this morning on WVOM after LePage was challenged by a […]

LePage blasts Paul Ryan, GOP health plan in Breitbart interview

Gov. Paul LePage continued his string of national media appearances Friday by granting an interview to a reporter from Breitbart News in which he took shots at Republican U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan for refusing to meet with him. LePage has spent considerable time during the past few weeks in Washington, D.C. Between visits with […]

LePage, Democrats still can’t agree on the basic math of Question 2

Good morning from Augusta, where Gov. Paul LePage’s Office of Policy and Management released an economic impact study on a new 3 percent surtax on income over $200,000 that is drawing some criticism over its methodology. The Republican governor opposed Question 2, which passed on the 2016 ballot with an aim to boost school funding […]

LePage lets Paul Ryan, Trump know why he thinks their health care plan is a bad idea

Gov. Paul LePage doubled down on opposition to the proposed health care plan from Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives, sending a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan to inform him that “early signs do not look encouraging” for his party’s congressional leaders. The letter, which was forwarded to Trump and published on Tuesday afternoon […]

LePage rips GOP health plan, calls Trump job rumors ‘wishful thinking’

Good morning from Augusta, where Gov. Paul LePage is back after a weeks-long trip through Florida and Washington, D.C. But he’ll be headed back to the nation’s capital later this week to protest the House Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. LePage said he doesn’t like the plan as it was […]