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Poliquin hails arrival of GOP alternative to Obamacare, but stops short of support

Two days ago, freshman Congressman Bruce Poliquin caused a national whiplash in his direction when he was one of only three House Republicans who didn’t vote in favor of a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (that’s Obamacare, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention). According to Maine-based health care policy consultant and ACA supporter […]

LePage says federal government shutdown is reason not to expand Medicaid

It’s unclear just how long the federal government shutdown will continue, but while it does, it will provide rhetorical fodder for elected officials and pundits of all political stripes. The shutdown is like a giant beltway Rorschach test; Politicians project whatever they want onto it. For example: Gov. Paul LePage and House Speaker Mark Eves […]