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The seven questions that stand between Maine and ranked-choice voting

Maine’s high court may soon get the chance to strike down ranked-choice voting’s use in the June election while the secretary of state gets it ready for implementation.

Maine Clean Election battle could heat up this week

Good morning from Augusta, where an already contentious election-year legislative session may get more complicated with wrangling over funding the campaign finance referendum that passed in November. You’ll likely recall that Question 1 contained a host of election reforms. They included new disclosure requirements and increased penalties for violations. But the most important and controversial change was that it […]

Cain taps late-night jokester for campaign communications post

Emily Cain, Democratic state senator from Orono and candidate for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, recently announced her campaign team. Most of the list outlines finance positions filled by behind-the-curtain Democratic operatives. Names such as J. Levi Knapp (finance director), James Stretch (deputy finance director), and Robert Robilliard (finance assistant) are likely unknown to most folks […]