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LePage wins re-election at Marden’s prices

Candidates for governor are battling for hearts and minds. Sure. But while they fight with their words, they also do it with their money and other people’s money (which, in American politics, roughly equals words). Candidates can’t just buy votes (so the review is a bit crude), but it is possible to put a rough price tag on […]

Cutler campaign cash dwindles as outside groups shovel $10 million to party candidates

Independent Eliot Cutler’s campaign entered mid-October with less cash on hand than Republican Paul LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud, who on top of their own war chests have political action committees that have spent about $10 million for or against them. The amount of outside spending has dwarfed activity by any of the campaigns and made clear the uphill battle Cutler faces in […]

National group studies paper chase in Maine governor’s race

The tight three-way race for the Blaine House is the subject of a brief report by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, which took a look at the most recently completed campaigns of each candidate for insights into ghosts of fundraising past. What the report reveals are patterns of fundraising from in-state, out-of-state and personal […]

Video: Michaud talks gov’s race, coming out on ‘Rachel Maddow Show’

In his first nationally televised interview since coming out of the closet, Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud said he didn’t want his personal life to become a talking point in the upcoming 2014 gubernatorial campaign. “I do not intend to make the governor’s personal life, or the independent’s personal life a part of the campaign, […]