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Did LePage offer trade of Medicaid expansion for right-to-work legislation?

House and Senate lawmakers don’t speak for Gov. Paul LePage and LePage doesn’t speak for House and Senate lawmakers. That fact became obvious on Monday during back-to-back press conferences from both Republicans and Democrats regarding LePage’s State of the State Address on Tuesday evening. In both cases, the subject turned to Medicaid expansion and right […]

LePage reflects on shutdown, predicts another, in weekly address

In his weekly address, released today, Gov. Paul LePage looked back at the shutdown, and said it isn’t a question of whether leaders in D.C. will fail again, but when. An excerpt: “Sadly, the politicians in Washington, D.C. accomplished absolutely nothing during the 16-day shutdown. They have set the stage for another shutdown, but we […]

Propaganda in Maine: Waging a war of words around Medicaid as ‘welfare’

I once had an enlightening conversation with a friend who is a warzone correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation about how propaganda filters into our everyday vernacular. “We don’t call them terrorists,” she said of suicide bombers who were spreading horror across Iraq while the U.S. and its allies were trying to achieve peace. “We […]